terms and conditions

Children will meet at the specified AIFA venue.


Once the session is complete, guardians will be required to pick the students up from the same designated spot.


In the event of a Typhoon 8 signal, other bad weather situations or an increasing trend of influenza cases, the session/s may be cancelled and make up sessions will be arranged.


No credit will be given for a student who misses a session for any other reason.


Guardians will be contacted via SMS text message at least 45 minutes prior to session commencement if cancellation is to be made.


Children and guardians shall obey the rules and regulations governing AIFA facilities.


AIFA may use photos or videos taken during sports classes for use in promotional materials and on our website.


These photos or videos will not be passed onto third parties. If you do not wish us to use photos or videos that include your children, please contact us.


I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition to exercise.


His/her participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by AIFA.


Also, I understand that he/she can stop anytime if he/she has any discomfort or even without any particular reason.


In no event shall AIFA, its officers, employees, or agents be held liable for any injury, death, or property loss which he/she may suffer during the activities if caused by either his/her own negligence, inadequacies in health and fitness, or by accident.


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